Netflix has kick-started testing a new feature that will give viewers the freedom to set a timer for their desired show or movie. The latest addition to its exhaustive feature list is currently enabled for chosen Netflix subscribers on Android devices globally. This is yet another ace up the sleeve of the US streaming platform to enhance its viewing experience. Netflix is testing the timer feature for grown-ups routines, though it could be expanded to its little tots viewers over time. However, this will all depend on the feedback it receives during the initial testing period.

A Netflix spokesperson gave his views that the timer feature would be rolled out on a wider scale after the initial testing, if the company were pleased to find that the feature worked for the audience and enriched the viewer experience.

Netflix was always seeking bright new ways to improve the Netflix mobile experience, the spokesperson said in a prepared statement. This feature test is the latest example – a new timer that gives subscribers more control over their viewing experience by simply choosing their favourite show or movie and affixing a timer without having to bother about pausing it before it’s over.

The arrival of the timer feature on the Netflix app for Android devices is currently restricted to the adult subscriber base. Furthermore, it is directed to help save battery life on Android devices when Netflix subscribers hitherto fell asleep while watching a show or movie on the app.

There is no transparency on the matter of whether Netflix will expand the timer feature beyond Android devices. However, it is envisaged that the company would explore bringing it to other devices, including TV sets and desktops — subject to the success of the initial testing.

How to set timer on Netflix

Once the feature arrives on your Android device, you’ll see a Timer icon next to the casting button at the top right-most corner of the screen. You’ll need to click on that icon and choose from 15, 30, 45, and Finish Watching.

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